RV Awning and Screen Rooms


    RV Awnings make great funny home videos.  If you don't want to star in your own Abbott and Costello flick, keep reading. I'll also cover tailgate screens and screen rooms.

    Toy Hauler enthusiasts often camp in exposed areas away from the shelter of RV parks and camp grounds. Sand dunes, open water, and playas (dry lakes) do very little to slow the freight-train wind headed straight for your awning. These places also breed dirt devils which, while short lived, can produce very high winds.

                    Jerry's Law: A dirt devil is always headed for..... YOUR RV!

    It's 2 am, you were sound asleep, but now you've been awakened by one of the pleasures of RVing, the sound of the wind blowing through nearby trees. Then it dawns on you, the awning is out! You have two choices; take the awning down in the middle of the night or wait until morning to see how it faired. 

    An RV Awning exposed to a 12mph wind can be experiencing total forces in excess 4,000  pounds. This may not be enough to flip your RV, but may certainly tear the awning off, with an excruciating and expensive sound. If you suspect the wind is coming, take your awning down, NOW!

    By far the best protection for your awning in the wind is to take it down. Since not all of us are Johnny-on-the-spot, here's two items that can help save the awning until you can get it down.  This is not an excuse to leave the awning up and go fishing instead.

www.campigworld.com    First you'll need a set or two sets of Awning-De-Flappers™.  I use two on each side. They are great at controlling that annoying light wind flap (not to be confused with the mother-in-law flap).



www.campingworld.com    Second are RV Awning Tie Downs, you'll need to get two. Get good ones with nylon straps, spring tensioners, and screw-in anchors. A good nights sleep may rest on your choice.



www.rvawningsonline.com    This is my checker-board RV Awning by A & E. It is made of very heavy vinyl reinforced with polyester strands. While tough enough for most uses, a better material is acrylic fiber, such as Sunbrella®.

Tailgate Screens

    Or, how to keep the bugs out when you are using that great big opening at the rear of the Toy Hauler as a picture window.

www.autosupplyusa.com/tagascdo.htmlGenerally there are two types, those that connect to the RV via hook & loop and those that connect via zippers. My preference is for the more stable zipper style.


Add-On Screen Rooms

    Want to get the most out of that big ol' ramp while staked out at your favorite playground? You can easily turn it into extra living space, great for entertaining or just enjoying the ultimate picture window.

Pictured is an Xtend-A-Room
by Dometic. Now you have a great place to kick back and watch the action or revisit the days adventures. After all relaxing is the name of the game.

Jerry's Law: You will always have more friends wanting to visit than you have chairs for, let them know it's BYOC (bring your own chair.)


These and many other accessories can be found at:
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