The Toy Hauler Motor Home

    With a Toy Hauler Motor Home you can have it all; luxury; your toys; and the ability to tow another ride. If it were me, I’d just tow more toys along…Like that airplane I’m going to built someday…Sorry I got sidetracked there for a moment.

    My experience with our, now replaced, Motor Home is that it was a big league gas hog. While newer models get OK gas mileage, add 1000 pounds or more of toys, and maybe a dingy (towed vehicle), that mileage goes to heck. A diesels pickup will help with the mileage, but you’ll still have to pony up at the pump. Thanks to some marketing genius, diesel fuel currently costs more than gasoline.

 A Class-C Motor Home
   The loading ramp of a Motor Home is often steeper than you would find on a trailer. To solve this some models are equipped with Tommy Lift® style ramps, (think elevator). Loading is as simple as rolling your toy onto the lowered ramp and then raising it using the electric control panel, the roll them into the Toy Hauler Motor Home and secure.

    The ‘ole Motor Home was not the most precise handling ride on the parkway, and worst of all your are stuck at the playground without other transportation.  (Unless, of course, you wife followed along with her car.) Personally, for me, I like having the pickup detach from the trailer so I can explore, run to town for groceries, or visit the local casino, without having to take everything with me.

    However, if you own a Toy Hauler Motor Home, your passenger can get up, wander back to the kitchen, and have lunch ready by the time you find a safe place to stop.

    Many of the features you can find in the 5th Wheel Toy Hauler can be found in the Toy Hauler Motor Home, thus making them one of the best choices for the “park and party” crowd.


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