Toy Hauler Rental vs. Buying?

   Before you run out and buy a Toy Hauler, you might want to think about a Toy Hauler Rental. I just had to have a Motor Home, which I later replaced with a Toy Hauler. That was a mistake that cost me both time and money.

    When I looked closely at how I was using my Motor Home, I discovered that it was not a good fit for my needs. What are your needs?

    Do you only need a Toy Hauler a couple times a year? Do you have a place to store it? How about customizing? This chart gives a quick overview of the pros and cons of renting vs buying. Circle the points that are important to you.

Issue Renting Buying
Ownership no yes
Monthly payments no yes
Tax deduction no maybe
Cost of long term use high ok
Limited selection yes no
Require a reservation yes go as you please
Must have a parking space no yes
Maintenance no  yes
Customizable no yes
Emergency shelter no yes
Ties up your dollars no yes
Availability very limited very good
Lots of packing/unpacking yes no

    Did the outcome surprise you? A Toy Hauler rental would have avoided my mistake of getting the wrong RV for the job. Try before you buy. You might find that a 23 footer just won't cut it! At least not for the wife, three teenagers, and 5 toysbetter try something bigger.

    On the other hand, there are huge drawbacks to Renting. There are few places to rent them and they are usually only available in the smaller sizes. Search the Internet for Toy Hauler Rental or Toy Box Rental to find a location near you. Here is a list to get you started;Toy Hauler Rental sources.

    When you Rent watch for anything that might cost you extra. For example not draining the holding tanks or returning a RV that needs cleaning.

    OK, now you've been to the big RV show! You know just what you want. You have a place to store it. You can afford its on going costs. Most of all you can yield to that urge to leave on moments notice. Then by all means buy now. Just remember, if you are not happy with your purchase, correcting it will definitely mean the loss of some of your well-earned cash!

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Here's a short list of Toy Hauler Rental Sources

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