Gallery of Toy Hauler Toys

    Pictured here are some Toy Hauler Toys that I've hauled and some that are a perfect fit for outdoor thrills. Each caption has a short description and a note about how many you can haul. I've also mention special requirements.

    Some important notes:

  • With larger toys it is imperative that you measure them when parked tightly together. Also take measurements in different arrangements; side by side and end to end. Take these dimensions and a tape measure with you when you go looking at Toy Haulers. I just about blew-it on this one. "Live and Learn"
  • If your toys do not have wheels, you will also need to look into some method of getting them in and out of the Hauler, detachable wheels, winch, or the like.
  • Some toys are very messy or soaking wet. If you have an outside shower consider washing and drying them before loading them.

When I think of Toys, this the first one that comes to mind. Most haulers will carry two to four quads (ATVs). Mine will hold two ATVs, two bicycles and my Landsailer (dismantled).


Dirt Bikes rank right up there with quads in popularity with outdoor thrill seekers.


My Six Chuter SR1 powered parachute transports easily with room to spare in my toy hauler.  It's like flying while sitting in a lawn chair.

Here's a video of one flying over the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes in Oregon, USA.


Dismantled, my Landsailer fits easily with my other toys. This sweet heart hit 42 mph on it's maiden voyage. Current top speed is 48mph.


Our little group has a swarm of these motorized bicycles. Swarm? Because they sound like a bunch of hornets when several travel together. I have no idea how many bicycles could be crammed in a Toy Hauler, but I'm sure there would be room left over.


Some street bike, huh? Most Haulers will carry at least two street motorcycles. Again check the dimensions to be sure of a good fit with the Toy Hauler you are looking to own.

Someday I've got to try one of out. They look like too much fun to pass up. This is another toy where accurate dimensions are imperative. If your toys do not have wheels, you will also need to look into some method of getting them in and out of the Toy Hauler, detachable wheels, winch, or the like.

This is another sport on my "got to do someday list." Like the watercraft, dimensions of your snowmobile will be very important to your Toy Hauler buying decision. 

If you know of any toys that should be featured here, lets us know by using the contact form at the bottom of the navigation bar.

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