Buying a Used Toy Hauler on eBay

            eBay is a excellent place to find a Used Toy Hauler. To get you started here are some helpful tips on shopping eBay for your next Toy Hauler. I've also included a list of Toy Haulers currently listed on eBay (farther down on this page).
            I’ve bought and sold on eBay for several years now. Recently I sold our motor home through the services that eBay Motors provides. Open communication with seller made this a very smooth and successful transaction. I have a 100% feedback rating which, I hope, qualifies me to give my thoughts on buying your next Toy Hauler on eBay.

            The content of this page is based on my experience. Your experience on eBay is beyond my control. Use this information as a guide only. Please read and understand eBay policies before placing any bids. eBay has excellent help online for the auction challenged. Use it to smooth the way to a successful auction win.

Some Basics:

  • Read, Read, and Read Again!
                Read the “description” carefully. Take notes of anything you     have questions about. Then follow through and ask the questions, either by phone or via the “ask the seller a question”  link on the listing. Remember the seller is under no obligation to volunteer information about a used Toy Hauler.

  • Look very closely at any pictures:
                If you can’t see enough detail in the pictures of the Toy Hauler, ask for close up     photos  of areas you are concerned about. If you can accept large files via email, tell the seller you would like high resolution images that have not been altered for email delivery.

  • Used Toy Hauler Inspection:
                In many cases you can make arrangements with the seller to have the Toy Hauler inspected by a third party. An RV dealer or mechanic is often used and they will usually charge for their service. Cheap insurance for your peace of mind. However an inspection is not always feasible. In that case arm yourself with facts, ask questions and get more pictures.


  • Research the market value of the Used Toy Hauler.
                Know the value of the RV and how much you are wiling to spend. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in a  bidding war. The only one who really wins in a bidding war, is the seller. Set your max bid; if bidding goes above your max, stop bidding and look for another Toy Hauler to bid on.


  • Deposits are common practice:
                Deposits secure your interest in the Toy Hauler and confirm to the seller that you are serious. These can be handled in a number of ways, but are often done via Pay Pal. You might want to sign up for Pay Pal before shopping on eBay.


Things to consider before and during the bidding process, not after!

  • Ask this question of the seller:
                “If you could replace or repair any one thing on the Toy Hauler today, what would it be?”


  • Bidding:
                Do not bid early, wait until the last minute. Bidding early only serves to drive the price up.


  • Contact the seller:
                Arrange to communicate via private email with the seller. This way the information you gain is not shared with other bidders, your advantage.


  •  Delivery:
     Ask if the seller will deliver or meet you part way with the Toy Hauler. This will often help in making your decision whether or not to bid.

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Here are the current listings on eBay for Toy Haulers


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